Visiting Perak State Forestry Department In 24-25 February 2010


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Visually Impaired Users

a) Using Text Reader
1) Download MS Speech API from Microsoft's website. If you are using Windows 2000, chances are you already have a system of this component.
2) Download an application Text Reader (Free version) that abound on the web either on-line version of the computer or installation. This application is a "voice" man or woman, who will speak in English or other languages. Some applications provide MP3 audio format for stored voice and be heard by the user.


Users need software support Adobe Flash Player to play audio or video format.


RSS is the acronym of Really Simple Syndication RSS Rich Site Summary. It is in syndication format based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). RSS allows you to create syndicated news or any information on the website. It is also the easiest way to share and display or follow news headlines and information on the web site. Pahang State Forestry Forest Department provides RSS for department activities.

Using Method:
1. Look for this symbol one upper right menu of JPNP Website.
2. Place the mouse cursor on the symbol, click the right mouse button and select Copy Shortcut. RssReader * Open software, go to add (+) channel / feed, click the right mouse button, "Paste" url and press ok.
* More information about RssReader, click this link:

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