Visit JPN Pahang to Tourism Reserve Area Lake Chini

Below are links to agencies / departments under the administration of the Pahang State Government:

Agency / DepartmentWebsite
Treasury Office of Pahang
Pahang Public Service Commission
Public Works Department
Veterinary Service Office
Department of Agriculture
Department of Irrigation and Drainage
Officials Soil and Excavation
Town and Country Planning Department of Pahang
Pahang Islamic Religious Department
Pahang Social Welfare Office
Pahang Syariah Judicial Department
Pahang Water Supply Department
Pahang Mufti Department
Majesty Sultan Pahang Office

Below are links to agencies / offices under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

Agency / DepartmentWebsite
Department of Environment
Department of Biosafety
Chairmanship Department of the Steering Soil and Excavation
Department of Minerals and Geoscience
Department of Irrigation and Drainage
Department of Wildlife and National Parks
Department of Marine Park Malaysia
Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia
National Hydraulic Research Institute
Institute of Land and Survey

Other links:

Ministry / Agency / DepartmentWebsite
Public Complaints Bureau
The Institute of Interior
Institute of Public Administration

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